Thursday, 28 May 2015

PDF Burst-Document Delivery

Eliminate the worry of Bulk Invoicing each week or fortnight or month and save money with electronic document delivery

In this modern age of business, dealing with manual or partially manual processes is both inefficient and costly. Most Business are generating invoices and reports into one big file, which cannot be easily split and emailed in bulk and therefore they may spend hours manually splitting and sending by email each invoice one by one or they manually split, print and post the invoice; costs just escalate and affect the business profitability.

A smart manager faced with these ever-increasing budget pressures realises that these types of wasteful endeavours should no longer exist in the 21st century: surely there must be a way to perform all of these tasks at a fraction of the cost and effort. Well, there certainly is – electronic document delivery or Bulk invoicing delivery from PDF-eXPLODE is the answer. PDF-eXPLODE  is a powerful Document Bursting and Document Delivery software that eliminates the endless hours and ever increasing costs each month of administrative processes in delivering your reports. PDF-eXPLODE also comes with two months free priority support to assist you setup and start processing in record time. Try PDF-eXPLODE Free PDF Burst, PDF-eXPLODE, Invoice Email Delivery, Bulk Invoicing, Crystal Reports Bursting, Email Paystubs, Document Burster, Document Bursting, Emailing Payslips, Electronic Document Delivery, Document Delivery, Deliver Reports. Cell Us: +61 414912 053

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