Thursday, 28 May 2015

Crystal Reports Bursting

What makes PDF-eXPLODE Document delivery, a MUST for bulk Invoicing email delivery?

 PDF-eXPLODE  is an ElectronicDocument Delivery or document bursting tool which makes it easy and cost-effective for small or large businesses to get their customers’ Bulk invoicing, vendors’ remittances and employee payslip (paystub)  information to the relevant people on time.  PDF-eXPLODE integrates with your existing software. 
 PDF-eXPLODE features password protected PDFs customized for each destination, one or more additional PDFs (or any other file types) attachments matched to the recipient’s requirements, multilevel folders created on the fly, and auto emailing among some of the many DocumentBursting features.
PDF-eXPLODE will definitely improve your ‘bottom line’.   Ready for the challenge. Visit: to download your “ticket” to savings!
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