Monday, 15 August 2016

How good is PDF-eXPLODE Service?

Here are a handful of customer comments.
Joseph Tronilo, USA
“What a GREAT "add on" to our data mining app. PDF-eXPLODE has really allowed us to use our data and generate report outputs that were previously unimagined AND customer service is top notch- 5 Stars all the way.”
Andy Hopkins, USA
"Can’t say enough positives about the product, company and particularly Mark Fonseca – simply put – a perfect 10!"
Stephen Brayshaw, AUSTRALIA
"Fantastic product, only good things to say about PDF-eXPLODE, easy to install, easy to use, it will save you money and it will save you time"
Jeremy Green, USA
"Just got off a webinar, Mark and PDF-eXPLODE are awesome. Solved all of our invoicing problems. So Easy, thank you Mark!"
Barbara Blanton, USA
 "Technical support is unprecedented. Couldn't get my files to explode post-install, and don't know anything about technology. Contacted tech support via eMail on one evening and again early the next morning. Just from sending a simple screenshot of my error messages (because I was unable to competently explain much beyond that), I received responses within minutes of each request. Problem was solved in a matter of minutes. Thank you Mark Fonseca!"
Connie Staley, USA  
"I love PDF-eXPLODE - it is a great product for a great price, and the gravy on the kibbles is that they have excellent customer service. It isn't unusual to get a phone call, or a reply to an e-mail within a few hours any time I've had a problem. (Two problems in 5 years!) The problems that I have had were not the program, but random things that happen that Mark then has to fix. Money well spent any way you look at it! "
Andy Quan, USA
"Absolutely the best software. Saved our company over $1000 in expensive software that could do only half the job PDF-Explode could deliver. We have been running this software, installing on 5+ computers, for over 5 years and have not ran into any issue so far. Tech support is awesome. Mark is superfast in getting back to me with issues. 5 Stars"
Angela Meharg, CANADA
"PDF-Explode has been brilliant for my customers. Exploding commission reports right to email saves them hours every month! Love you PDF-eXPLODE!"
Denise Ordoyne, USA  
"Best support ever. Mark is always so knowledgeable & helpful! Great product!"
and the list goes on....

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