Thursday, 20 July 2017

Don’t Sulk When You Have The “Bulk” Email Invoicing System!

Actually, this system does more than that.

Businesses, as usual, have a “lot” to do and that’s why processes need to be simplified.

Be it the sending of emails for marketing campaign or billing invoices – the work is paramount and there’s no sight of relief unless an automated system is up for help.

Email Invoicing

If these weren’t enough, glitches at the workplace would add more burden.

Obviously, you don’t want your business to suffer from these not-so-small issues. Which is why it is necessary to have an Email invoicing system that makes it simple and easy.

Whether it’s employees’ payslip, vendor remittances or customer invoicing, this automated system allows the “bulk” to reduce in a few quick minutes.

PDF-eXPLODE brings the best document delivery tool that not only minimizes wastage of time and money, but also incorporates much-needed efficiency for your business.

Document Delivery

The top features of this tool include:

A built-in HTML editor that helps you design pleasing emails using fonts, styles, headers, etc.

PDF document bursting and bulk emailing of complex emails in a short period of time.

A fax server support system that offers the options of fax-friendly Email format.

Drag-and-drop PDF files to send in emails.

And much more!

Now, being doubtful about this tool is an apparent thing.

However, you can cast all your doubts away once you download the 45-day FREE trial.

Indeed, this offer is a lucrative one – First, no need to pay for trying it. Second – you will know how much effective it is for your business.

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