Thursday, 3 August 2017

“Drawback of Delays, errors and time spent processing batch invoice emailing...”

That’s what one of our clients spoke about when they had no automated system to process.

Likewise, we have some customers who still produce Invoices manually and the extent of trouble they have printing, enveloping and posting invoices to their customers is unbelievable.

Imagine the world when there was no computers or the internet at all!

However, we don’t need to think of it now because we’ve already got all of these, which functions well for us.

The manual system had certain quirks – extended processing time, employee confusion from time to time and errors we did not discover till some clients brought them to our attention.

It’s true that some businesses are daunted by modern-day electronic document delivery and are therefore reluctant to use technology to automate their bulk invoicing; they lack confidence in the system, complaining it might not work well for the business, etc.

Crystal Reports Bursting
Why face such predicament yourself. If you use report writers like Crystal Reports , MS Access, Sequel Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and many others, this (PDF-eXPLODE) tool is ideal for all bursting and works so well. With crystal reports bursting, avoid thousands of manual work-hours for your processing and delivery. In fact, it saves a huge chunk of money in the budgeted expenses.

You just CAN’T GO PAST PDF-eXPLODE document delivery; it is an absolute necessity for any organization. And it has reason to be. A few companies that had installed some sort of “automated” tool with their existing business software had to survive several pitfalls. They never investigated or enquired about compatibility, flexibility, and scalability at all! Because they had never used it, even for a test ride!

document bursting

PDF-eXPLODE tool has proven features that are fairly advantageous over other document bursting tools available in the online marketplace. It is compatible with all Windows platforms, and the Desktop and Server versions are both flexible and scalable in various aspects.

We do not take it for granted.

Our offer is straight – download the 100% risk-free trial version of this tool. It’s free and works for 45 days. No obligation required.

For the month of August 2017, to prove our faith in this tool, we are offering you a HUGE 20% OFF any new Desktop or Server version – but you must TRY and PURCHASE before 31 August 2017. Just use coupon code “SPDISC20”.



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