Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Driving Workplace Productivity Sky High!

How does your Business increase productivity and efficiency in the Finance department?  Seems like a big job, it can take years you think… Not if you have the ultimate document bursting tool called PDF-eXPLODE. It is a small investment dollar upfront, but it is guaranteed to save time, money and improve office efficiencies in a short space of time. So you turn that investment in just a few months into pure profit with the savings you make on postage, stationery and reduced labor hours But most of all, you increase office efficiencies, allowing you the Business owner, more time for other important work priorities.  How? Take the Challenge - download the FREE Trial of PDF-eXPLODE here and read on.... 

Let’s say you have around 50 invoices a week to process or 200 sent at one time each month. Try processing those weekly or monthly batches of Invoices, using PDF-eXPLODE’s bulk emailing (with the Invoice PDF attached) delivery method. The process will take roughly 5~7 minutes for 50 Invoices or around 15~20 minutes once a month – this includes sorting and saving each run of Invoices to your hard drive in some preconfigured order! Here is the firsthand experience of Solano College – a community college in USA.

I have been using PDF-Explode for over 3 years now and it has become a fundamental part of our reporting workflow. Without it, reports written in Crystal Reports or even MS Access tended to have a focus at the institutional level, or, if we did go into detail we were ending up with reports that were thousands of pages long. With PDF-Explode we have completely changed how we process and deliver information in a more focused way.

We can now produce reports at the Division or Course level, have PDF Explode produce the thousands of individual reports and email them out to the relevant instructor all in a few clicks. The ease at which this is achieved has radically changed our workflow and what we can do in terms of reporting. We no longer think of reporting in the aggregate, but now design reports at multiple levels and make sure each recipient receives the data and information that is relevant to them only, decreasing ‘information overload’. It is as simple as adding some tags to the page header and pressing print, and we produce and distribute a complete library of individualized data. The support has been excellent, quick to respond and thorough. I could not imagine effective report preparation and distribution without PDF-Explode.

Peter Cammish
Dean, Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Solano Community College
4000 Suisan Valley Road
Fairfield, CA 94534

t: (707) 864-7278

f: (707) 646-2094

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