Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Automated Document Delivery: Timelessness or Timeliness?

A bit of both, actually.

Remember the first time you had used the keyboard. The QWERTY-Keyboard seemed an alphabetical fiasco, prompting everyone to think that somebody had seriously forgotten to arrange it, but eventually learned using it.

It’s the same with other inventions because we never thought they would be. Such was the case of automated document delivery system.

document delivery

Businesses have a lot of document generations for external and internal delivery, be it pay slips, client invoices or supplier payments.

Had there been no document delivery tool today, the task of sorting, emailing and archiving would have still taken hours and hours; but not so with PDF-eXPLODE.

If you don’t believe what we have to say, just read what one of Singapore’s largest distributor of plastic components has to say about how PDF-eXPLODE automation helped them save a lot of time and money at the same time improve their systems http://bit.ly/2u8VeDg . In the link, Mr Eric Lim, Manager of PACTUMAX INTERNATIONAL talks about Invoice matching with signed Delivery Order (‘DO’) processing in PDF-eXPLODE. Here is an extract:

“This automated process of matching Invoice and DO has replaced our previous manual process involving printing a hard copy of each Invoice and then manually matching the scanned /printed PDF DO and finally, mailing (via post) or emailing them one Invoice at a time. This tedious process took several hours of the employee’s time each week….
We are extremely pleased with our new software solution provided by 3000AD Systems, and by the support they provide. We would not hesitate to recommend 3000AD Systems to any company interested in a software project that delivers on time and within budget

Moreover, PDF-eXPLODE can password secure your document as a PDF so you have complete peace of mind knowing your documents will reach their destination securely – unlike the old delivery method of the postal service.

Of course, time and efficiency justify the need for improving your business system with today’s technology. No business can proceed if these are not right. It directly impacts the performance and consequently the results. Sending Email invoices to individual recipients would take mammoth time and never ever would anyone wish to waste such valuable time.

batch invoicing

PDF-eXPLODE tool offers multiple delivery modes. Since the PDF batch invoicing happens in minutes, you won’t have to wait impatiently for a long time. This flexible tool allows report bursting and personalizing Emails easy, helping you communicate with clients every now and then without facing any trouble.

PDF-eXPLODE maximizes the benefit of computer processing speed. It document bulk emailing achieves the need for timeliness of invoices and reports; result - you secure the timelessness of your business. All you have to do is download the free trial version tool for a test drive. Experience how easy it is to automate your Invoice Bulk sending yourself and or seek our assistance to set up. Then do what’s needed – take a decision!

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