Friday, 15 September 2017

Invoice Processing and Delivery Got Tardy and the Rest Follows Suit…

Did your office procedures result in a significant effect on your bottom line?

Investment for the sake of investment isn’t a good idea. People know it. Businesses know it. But, they fail to acknowledge it.

If you are still clinging to archaic office processes like printing invoices, pay stubs, pay slips, and multitudes of other documents and then manually sorting them into various envelopes for postal delivery? Imagine the stationary, printer ink, and postal charges – they all add up over a year to a significant cost impact on your net profit. What if one of this paraphernalia isn’t available? It only means – Delay. Yes, the delay is because the absence of printing ink wouldn’t help even if there are high-quality or premium papers are present in the office.

Auto Invoice Delivery

Alternatively, you are processing all documents one by one via email sent from your accounting or business software – very basic and in many cases, these back office software do not keep an archive copy of the outgoing report. Shame really, when the alternative to both of these outdated procedures is at the cutting edge of technology – PDF-eXPLODE DOCUMENT BURSTER TOOL!

If your business hasn’t switched to automated document delivery, now is the right time. Since auto invoice delivery not only saves you time as it does not duplicate processes and uses the power of the PC to sort and send via email.

What kind of document delivery to look for?

The one that is compatible with your business software. The one that efficiently does your auto invoicing job. The one that augments your business. In short, it is the PDF-eXPLODE tool that you need.

Why? Just check the following:
Document Bursting
  • You can send 1000 monthly statements in a mere 1-2 hours using this automation tool, which, otherwise, would have taken 2 BUSINESS DAYS through hand-mailing!
  • Create a Master PDF document and use the document bursting tool feature to send it to multiple clients, according to the customized rules.
  • Save up to 40-50% by sending emails instead of printing, sorting, collating, posting, etc.
  • Last, but not the least, a FREE 45 day Trial can be downloaded, giving you the freedom to test “drive” in the comfort of your office with FREE help thrown in from Monday to Saturday by the team at PDF-eXPLODE’s office. Still, need something more? Just email us at

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