Thursday, 21 September 2017

How The Sending Of Timely Reports To Clients Increases Your Credibility?

To be honest, clients are demanding ‘on-time’ document delivery.

If you’re someone who has made a promise to the client and have not fulfilled it, you know it’s your fault. Obviously, you don’t want them to get upset and therefore, you would seek the best ways to win their trust, again.

As a business, which needs to generate thousands of reports for respective clients in different regions of the globe, you need a tool that helps. Preferably, an automated tool instead of a part-timer who does the task manually.

Who is your client?

You are a mid-size to large organization with a  reasonable number of different departments and staffing levels.  Marketing & Sales Departments are seeking sales reports and Customer debt outstandings from Finance department. Sales and Marketing are internal clients of Finance. At the same time, all customers purchasing company goods are external customers and they need to be serviced with on-time reports too. So your clients can extend beyond those traditional organizational ‘Debtors’.

How does sending a report on-time increase my credibility?

As highlighted before, you know that a client has certain expectations. They may or may not have a certain need for the report, but getting it at the right time fulfills their expectations. And yes, a crystal report with ZERO MISTAKES is what they seek.

The PDF-eXPLODE Tool is an excellent document delivery tool that simplifies your tasks.  Remember, you have to send the reports in the most accurate format and timely too. If you persist with hand-mailing the report via the postal service, you must understand that errors and delays are bound to occur. On the other hand, PDF-eXPLODE combines the latest techniques of bursting crystal reports in a fraction of the time.

You know you’re wasting your time and money in generating reports manually. PDF-eXPLODE will augment and enhance your business process like it has never been done before.

The benefits of this tool include:
  • Quick and efficient document delivery.
  • Saving costs and time.
  • Generation of accurate reports.
  • Customized report delivery.
  • Bulk invoice generation.
  • & many more.

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