Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How Report Distribution has evolved from ‘Slow’ to ‘Smart’!

Report distribution?

Remember that stunned or sometimes, scornful and agitated look on the person’s face who was asked to do it ?

After all, some of the employees are already trying to "juggle" so many everyday tasks.

Times have changed and so have the technologies. When the world of automation took over, nobody felt the transformation would be so gigantic and overwhelming. But now, people are acquainted with cloud computing, wireless connections and more!

Report generation is so important to business today; there are Invoices, Statements and payment advices that need to be "pushed" out of the door as fast as possible to generate that all important ingredient - "cash flow". Yes, in business parlance, "Cash is King". Report generation is literally top of the list of jobs to do, for many account departments each day. For example, imagine 1000s of pages of report preparation, which includes document printing, sorting, collating, enveloping and finally delivering to the post office to reach their respective recipients several days later (in some cases, never; lost mail was a common complaint). Isn’t it astonishing how so much valuable time and resources were wasted, especially when the postal mail never arrived at its destination! In some offices, even today, employees are called upon to be receptionist, do data input processing, then sort and mail printed invoices, also manage document filing. Yes the list of office chores goes on… and to think some businesses today, still choose to process in this way. Many though have switched to emailing...BUT, are they just adopting a variation by sending one invoice at a time by email? Is their current process smarter than the old method? Probably not!

Slow, sluggish or lethargic – whichever adjective you choose, would best describe the old style (and some modified "new" methods) of report generation which results in many additional office tasks (like printing, mailing and filing). Though that was a necessity when upscale innovations weren't so commonplace in the past; however there’s no  reason why it still has go on.

What's The Answer?

In a word 

It will produce automatic splitting of PDF report document, based on pre-configured rules and sending it to selected recipients.

Any Crystal report generated by printing to the PDFeXPLODE printer will send thousands of monthly statements, invoices and more to their generation via email without any form of human intervention. Best of all, you can optionally choose to give each outgoing Invoice or statement a specific file name before attaching  it to your email template as well as save it to your hard drive in some specific archive folder of your choice. Yes, the following are some benefits:
  • One-click PDF batch email delivery of individual attachments.
  • Reduced manual labor and electronic processes.
  • No requirement of printing, postage, and delivery, so no costs on that.
  • Savings on time and resources.
Businesses need to rejuvenate themselves. In PDF-eXPLODE processing, you have at least one significant improvement to your business.  Certainly, this automated document burster tool enables them to do so. 

The automated PDF-eXPLODE tool stunned the world with its dynamic entry. And there are strong reasons for it. Obviously, people welcomed this PDF report distribution tool with open arms. Needless to say, PDF-eXPLODE gave a much-needed boost to businesses and offices.

How can you turn 'SLOW' to 'SMART'?

We know captions are delightful, but can you be sure they are true to the core? Here’s why you know.  Today, PDF-eXPLODE is used by over 1000 Users in 26 countries around the globe. That is CONFIDENCE for you.

Why take our word for it? Well, try the 45-day FREE Trial Version yourself! Click here:



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