Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Stroll down the Electronic Park Way

What has UBER or OLA got in common with PDF-eXPLODE?

That statement alone must have raised quite a few eyebrows. Most folks know that Uber and Ola are ‘for-hire’ private Taxi hiring services delivering people to destinations. But the true secret of Uber and Ola is in the “app” you use that is location-based and smartly designed to allow the user to hire an on-demand private driver easily. Yes, Uber delivers people to their destinations and its app based bookings has made your journey more pleasant. 

PDF-eXPLODE, on the other hand, is a very smart app that delivers your documents to your customers very fast, saving a heap of time and money. Why wouldn’t you consider this electronic document delivery app to make your business life easier? 

Angela Meharg of, TORONTO, Canada, a Business Report writing consultant and expert, had this to say about PDF-eXPLODE

"As a sixteen year Crystal Reports specialist and veteran, I am thrilled with PDF-eXPLODE. It is one of the most clever applications I have encountered, for small and medium sized businesses. It is saving two of my customers HOURS and HOURS of time every month…”

How do Smartphones fit into your daily business and family life?

Quite some time has passed since the introduction of Smartphones in the world.

However, not everyone is adept at it, though they may appear to be. What is the real change that it has brought into people’s  lives? Is it only for engaging the users with enchanting photos or entertaining videos?  Or, does it take virtual chatting to any higher-level of conversation?

Apparently not. Smartphones may not have “transformed” the world to the extent some people imagine, but it has made life somewhat simple.
For example: 
If you want to get a take-out dinner delivered or you need to purchase something online, you open an appropriate ‘ordering’ app on your phone and book online. Booking an Ola or Uber cab, for instance, takes a fraction of a second on the app. So, yes, Smartphones do play a big part.

We could cite a number of other examples where a Smartphone can do more for you than just selfies and videos. In your day-to-day business life, apps should play a part too. An electronic document delivery app like PDF-eXPLODE doesn’t just give you bulk email invoicing or document delivery; you can also add:
  • intelligent archiving (hard disk storage of the PDFs sent)
  • password security to your delivered PDF files
  • create attractive email content, and
  • boost your business efficiency 
Why wouldn’t you want to simplify your business life and add more ‘family’ time into your work-life balance with the time you save on office processes? You can when you convert those manual, semi-manual systems or upgrade your inefficient electronic delivery apps to PDF-eXPLODE and see it make a difference. This is what one PDF-eXPLODE user has to say:

Craig Moniz, Financial Systems Analyst, SAGE Publishing, CA, USA    

"PDF-eXPLODE has significantly improved the Vendor remittance process. It has reduced mailing costs and increased efficiencies. We highly recommend the use of PDF-eXPLODE, based on our experience with the product…”

The Solution..
PDF-eXPLODE can handle large volumes of monthly invoicing delivery- some users handle Invoices or Statements of up to 35,000 a month. What’s the capacity of your current method for delivering invoices or customer statements? 100? 1000? or more?

Does it perform that operation in a few seconds or literally takes a day? Of course, when you buy a document delivery tool, you have a multitude of expectations. If the tool isn’t efficient enough in bulk invoice emailing, then the only possible reason you are holding on to it is, that it must be doing something great on other fronts - does it? 

Does it significantly create more leisure time in your otherwise busy day? Is it “powerful” enough to split and deliver complex documents without wheezing or choking?

If you have found satisfying or even nearly satisfying answers to the questions above, then we have nothing to say. But, if you feel the answers you “want” do not match the results you come across from your current automated tool, we might have something to offer. Oh yes! You don’t have to pay for it until you are fully satisfied and purchase it. 

Download the 45-Day FREE Trial Version of PDF-eXPLODE tool to experience the efficiency it brings to your business. In addition, you will enjoy 6 days a week support from our team. We believe it’s more than a decent offer, which shouldn’t be ignored.

Connect to on your phone, in the car or on the train, and click on the TRY NOW button and receive an email link in minutes, which you can download at the office. 

Give it a try!

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