Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Time Is Equal To Productivity And More…


You must be wondering about the old adage – Time is equal to money.
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In today’s world, Time is not always equal to money, especially considering the stress it imposes on work-life balance. But, why then do we call ‘time is equal to productivity’?

For Example…
We have a PDF-eXPLODE user in Perth, Western Australia who had to send 9 different reports sorted by 100 clients, then combined as individual multi-page PDFs, each specific to the client, and finally emailed to the clients each month. It took more than an entire day each month for one person to send them.

Imagine an entire day! The day could have been better used to communicate with clients, discuss ideas and strategies, reaching out to potential customers, eating a burger, and what not.

Unfortunately, a simple document delivery consumed a whole day. 

A Tool for Change
However, an automated tool changed their way of sending emails. Indeed, the PDF-eXPLODE tool that has done wonders for various business offices around the world did for them too. The tool allowed them to combine the 9 reports into one, then separate into 100 different pieces for the respective recipients sorted by destination email address. All it took was 1 hour delivered. Yes, one hour done and dusted, WITHOUT ANY employee handling!

Not only did it bring efficiency to the business system but also improved the work life of the person who would be otherwise dreading the job-in-waiting every month.

We have clients across 26 countries that have had similar experiences in terms of improving productivity, efficiency, savings, and more.

With the help of auto invoice delivery, you save yourself from the manual effort of printing, sorting, collating, and sending it to the different clients in different countries. As a result, you save a lot. Both time and money. 

We DARE you to give it a TRY!

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