Tuesday, 17 October 2017

e-Document Delivery Stories: Is Your Work-Life Balance Mismatched?

Those red eyes and dark circles 😎 around the eyes should remind you what is wrong with your life.

Stress and exhaustion could be a result of the prolonged effects of overworking. Several companies have been wary about it and are setting up wellness centers on their office premises.

Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself - what actually has gone wrong in the first place?

You just can’t ignore effective business processes; yes, it is these specific areas where automation should be used to improve processing times of monotonous jobs and improve overall office efficiencies.

In today’s office, no Invoices, Payments, Remittance advices or pay stubs should be manually processed or even printed, then sorted, collated and then delivered by postal services – that just isn’t smart. Are you aware that the collective cost of paper, envelopes, printer inks and postage average around the equivalent of one United States dollar in most countries? So if you send out an average of 200 Invoices each month, that is a whopping USD$200 per month or $2400 per annum in overhead costs! What about the wasted and unnecessary man-hours, making the entire process inefficient and costly. Undoubtedly, the foregoing provides plenty of reasons for ensuring a stable Work-Life balance.

Every problem has a solution

The software companies did what they do best. They listened to the concerns raised by these companies and came up with an automated tool that simplifies document delivery through batch invoicing in a matter of seconds or minutes. Go straight to the source of the BEST software solution - PDF-eXPLODE from www.pdf-explode.com. It will DEFINITELY improve your business life with faster, automated processing of any document delivery and subsequent filing of these reports on your hard drive (aka 'archiving').

PDF-eXPLODE is a simple, easy to use yet robust automation tool that truly complements the way businesses function. Since the tool has the capability of seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics, MRI, PeopleSoft, MS Access, and various other office softwares in addition to reporting tools like Crystal Reports, Cognos, MS Access Report Writer, R & R Report Writer, MS Sequel Reporting Services, there is no issue of compatibility at all. Besides, the technique of auto invoice delivery has revolutionized the method of document processing.

Faster Email invoicing, document delivery, archival and retrieval, and professionalism on all fronts, enable a business with great energy to perform.

If you want to change your business’ fortune by improving cash flows and reducing overhead costs, then the inexpensive PDF-eXPLODE tool is the ultimate choice for you!

Still, can’t believe? Well, you can try the 45-day FREE Trial Version by yourself and we’re sure you will change your opinion! 😁

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